Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Shipping

Due to the low production volumes of products on this site, it is not uncommon for an item to be listed on backorder. Each product page with backorders enabled will specify the lead time for that product – usually 2 to 3 weeks.

Please use the Contact Form or send an email to to request a cancellation. Note: the cancellation must be requested prior to your order being shipped.

All orders include free shipping, and will be sent using USPS priority mail.

Order information cannot be changed once the order has been placed. Please request a cancellation and reorder if you need the items shipped to a different address. Note: this may increase the time it takes to process your order.


Returns or exchanges can be made within the first 15 days of delivery of your order. To be eligible for return/exchange, the item(s) must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Unwanted item In like-new condition
  • Damaged due to  a manufacturing defect
  • Damaged during shipping

Products damaged due to misuse or improper installation are not eligible for return or exchange. Please use the Contact Form or send an email to to request a return/exchange.


Most items in the store that are described as being “3D Printed” are made using a process known as Fused Deposition Modeling. This process involves a machine that forms parts by laying down hundreds of thin layers of melted plastic.

While there are many colors to choose from with FDM 3D printing, none of them provide a good match for the interiors of most vehicles. Therefore, all FDM printed items are only offered in black. If another color or surface finish is desired, I would recommend using body filler, filler primer, and/or spray paint to achieve the results you are looking for. 

Due to the nature of FDM 3D printing, there will always be visible lines along the object where each layer is fused together. It is also common for some layers to have slightly visible separation along corners or edges. These characteristics are inherent to this manufacturing process and will not affect the strength or durability of your item.

However, if you believe there to be excessive layer banding or separtation on your item, please use the Contact Form or send an email to to request a return/exchange.